Kanaha Beach


On Maui’s north shore just half a mile from the Airport is Kanaha Beach Park, one of the premier windsurfing beaches in the world. Kanaha is off the main road so many people will pass it by unless they go looking for it. In Winter when the swell is up, it’s also popular with surfers. In recent years, kiteboarding has gained popularity at Kanaha as well. The beach is popular with locals and visitors who come here to swim, fish, surf, standup, windsurf, kiteboard, canoe, and play volleyball. The beach is very large stretching almost two miles, and has three main sections; the western (less developed end), the central area with the lifeguard tower and canoe club, and the eastern end, popular for fishing and windsurfers. Kanaha’s location is walking distance from the Kahului harbor and the Kahului airport. There are bike paths and walking trails through the park. In addition to the many outdoor activities that Kanaha has to offer, it is also a great place for the family picnic. There are large shaded areas on the lawns that provide shelter and is a pleasant place to barbecue. Kanaha’s serenity and beauty is also appreciated by artists who are sometimes seen painting one of the outdoor landscapes or beach scenes. Kanaha is a special place that is enjoyed by so many different groups and individuals, and there is something to offer the entire family. Here you will find more information about Kanaha Beach, and the Activities you can enjoy there.