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Crossings, coast runs, and inter-island voyages

Crossings, coast runs, and inter-island voyages

Crossings, Coast runs, and inter-island voyages:

Polynesians are descended from a culture of great oceanic voyagers and water sportsmen. Traditions and cultural heritage are passed down through ocean activities including sports, competition and instruction in the specific knowledge gained over generations.

Sailing canoes, surfing sports, paddling, kite flying, fishing, swimming, body surf, cliff diving, and diving are all traditional activities that have cultural, social, and economic significance to the local community.

Examples include: Sailing canoe races, paddle events, inter-island crossings, events, and voyages, kite/wind fishing, fishing contests, surf contests, swimming and diving. Have all traditional, cultural roots and a contemporary role on our modern society. These activities enrich the community and integrate tradition with recreation and education.

There are numerous examples of contemporary and traditional ocean sports and activities, in the form of special events and competitions, and seminars, that perpetuate the values and lifestyle of Hawaii’s special oceanic heritage.