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WW2 history at Kanaha

WW2 history at Kanaha

WWII Artifacts at Kanaha:

World War 2 –  WWII, brought dramatic changes to Kanaha. the building of the NAS, Naval Air station in Kahului, aka “NASKa”.  (Now known as Kahului Airport – OGG). There are also coastal fortifications for artillery, as well as new roads, and recreational; facilities for the troops. Artifacts and evidence of our history are spread throughout the beach and dunes. Unfortunately there seems to have been no effort to preserve these artifacts and many are still undocumented. If you explore the area you will find many interesting and intriguing things.

Military on Maui during WWII: Maui was a huge training area for the military during the war. There were two major airfields, and camps and training areas all over the island.

Preserve our History: Please do not take away or disturb any artifacts as they are part of the historical record, and give us information about our recent history.

Here is a shoreline bunker, it was originally on land but shoreline erosion has caused it to be in the ocean.

(*Since before the war and up until the late 1970’s sand mining and sand removal continued in these areas for decades accelerating the beach loss).

This is what appears to be an artillery placement, and it is adjacent to a concrete bunker at Ka’a Point. Once it would have had a 270 degree view of the Kahului bay, but it is now surrounded by Kiawe trees.

This rusting collection of metal includes rails and rail wheels. Is it part of the same installation or is it something different? There is all kinds of metal pieces strewn all over this area, presumably from ww2 era equipment.

Here is a concrete bunker hidden in the dunes behind the beach.

WW2 Fighter Plane Wreck
WW2 Fighter Plane Wreck

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